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Join the sharing economy revolution and turn your miles into money.


Route creation for Drivers

Share your routes wherever you go with whoever you want to earn extra income, reduce emissions, and connect with people.

Puul Wallet for Riders

Join efficient and affordable rides with your friends, colleagues, or anyone you want, to wherever you want to go.

Show groups for Business

We know how complicated mobility can be for employees in companies. Give your team access to the best option for personal, specialized, and secure mobility. Empower your team to foster their community, be punctual, and be happy.

Join our carpooling movement and make your commute count.

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"Public transport is very deficient and very expensive since each truck does not receive the maintenance that should be given and it is very uncomfortable for each of us as users" - Julio
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"Anywhere you go, you see that almost all of us drive alone and create a lot of traffic for ourselves. It would be great if we could share routes so that it is more efficient and economical for us." - Alberto
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"Public transportation in Mexico is inefficient and uncomfortable. The vehicles take a long time, they are often crowded, and they frequently break down." - Julia
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"The waiting times for public transportation are sometimes over 30 minutes. The buses are in very bad condition, and sometimes they don’t even stop. We need better mobility options." - Francisco
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"Transport to universities is serious problem. There’s always a lot of traffic, and there are never available parking spots. I often arrive late to classes due to traffic or lack of parking. There are also no safe collective options for students." - Cristobal
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"I used to arrive late almost every day because there aren’t enough parking spaces at the university for the number of students, and I also have to pay 40 pesos every day. There has to be a better way for students to commute." - Sara
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"Public transportation in Monterrey is very unsafe. Harassment and robberies on buses are common occurrences. I’m even afraid to take my children because they are at risk. Moreover, it’s not unusual to wait in line for two or three hours in the morning. Collective taxis are also unsafe because many of them don’t have insurance in case of an accident, and they overcharge." - Candy
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"To get to my job in San Pedro from García, I have to wait in line at the bus stop at 5:30 in the morning, and even then, sometimes there’s no space on the bus!" - Jessica
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Turn your miles into money.

Navigate through our blog and get a unique insight into the world of ridesharing! From tales of the most interesting rides to tips on making your ride experience smoother, we share stories that matter. We don't just move people from point A to point B - we connect communities, we empower our drivers, and we strive to make a positive impact on the cities we serve. Explore our blog to understand our passion, the behind-the-scenes magic, and the future of ridesharing.Come, ride along with us on this exciting journey!

Puul connects you with people. Share expenses, stories, music, and great conversations.

Practical (AI matching algorithm)Post your trip and save by sharing with people. Easy way to move.
Safe (Real time tracking)The platform allows you to connect with like-minded people which makes the trip much safer and friendlier.
Local (Public and private groups)Supporting together a forward-looking sustainable living model for Monterrey as a smart city.

Your favorite way to commute.

Many companies have implemented Carpoling Programs shared among its employees, as part of their strategy of social responsibility and improvement in urban mobility.
Tecnológico de Monterrey
San Pedro Garza García
Promotora Ambiental
Grupo Delta
Occamm - Observatorio Del Aire
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Frequently Asked Questions

What service does Puul offer?

We facilitate the reservation of car seats. Save money and help reduce environmental impact.

What is the ridesharing coverage?

For the moment exclusive to the city of Monterrey and Nuevo Leon. Expansion to all of Mexico soon!

Who decides the price of the trip?

The driver post the trip and sets the price, you decide.

How do I download the app?

Register for the waitlist and we will send you an email with the launching instructions and your early register gift.

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Heard of the sharing economy revolution? An increasingly alternative popular in Mexico, not just as an alternative to save money and reduce environmental impact, but also as an opportunity to socialize and network.
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